Case Management Suite

Case Management Suite

At Eccovia Solutions, we understand your needs, and have developed a comprehensive Case Management Suite with a flexible and specialized platform that can manage the complex requirements of today, as well as scale and adapt as your organization evolves.


Deployed in the cloud, the ClientTrack Case Management Suite allows your organization to enhance workflow efficiency, collaborate across multiple agencies and databases, and drive new accountability and data visualization to measure and report outcomes and meet complex regulatory compliance requirements.



Data Explorer

At the core of ClientTrack’s comprehensive case management solution is our powerful ad-hoc reporting and data analysis tool Data...

Workflow Engine

ClientTrack’s Workflow Engine transforms tasks, such as collecting personal assessments and writing case notes, into a workflow that guides...

Eligibility Engine

ClientTrack's Eligibility Engine is a comprehensive design tool intended to simplify the process of setting up and managing simple...

Rule Designer

Rule Designer is a comprehensive rules engine used by implementation managers to enforce business rules that support common processes.

Form Designer

The ClientTrack Form Designer enables Implementation Managers to create new forms or make configuration changes to existing forms.


Great organizations measure their true profit based on the distinct impact they are making and the effectiveness of services...

User Administration

ClientTrack has a powerful security design mechanism that allows you to customize a workgroup with specific user access permissions and...

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