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Tired of having limited access to your data? With ClientTrack you don’t have to compromise. You can access your information anytime in the exact way you prefer. ClientTrack includes four powerful reporting tools that give you unprecedented access to your data. You choose how to access the data in the way that best fits your need for a particular situation:

  • Dashboards – A quick, at-a-glance view of what is happening within your organization
  • Data Explorer – A drag-and-drop query tool to answer pressing questions on the fly
  • Reports library – Over 70 pre-defined reports that meet the most common organizational and regulatory reporting requirements
  • Direct query – For enterprise-level users who need direct database access using SQL

Because ClientTrack is a cloud-based application you always have access to your data no matter where you are. You can access ClientTrack’s reporting and analytics from any web-enabled device.


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Busy managers need quick answers. ClientTrack dashboards provide real, actionable information at a glance. Dashboards are configurable to fit the way you prefer to work and display only the information you wish to monitor regularly. Use dashboards to get a quick status of key program indicators.

You can create unique dashboards by user, role, program, or department. You can customize who sees dashboards for which program areas and customize the specific information displayed to each user. Dashboards are the ideal tool for constant monitoring of metrics that indicate a quick response is required.

Data Explorer

When you need quick answers to pressing questions, Data Explorer has you covered. Data Explorer is a drag-and-drop tool to create ad hoc reports without requiring any programming knowledge or query expertise. Simply drop desired reporting criteria onto your report builder to quickly answer questions at any time, from any device. Kelly Muldoon, Program Manager at Nashville Room In The Inn, said “I was able to pull up Data Explorer and Query Designer on my gave me everything I was looking for right then.”

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Data-Explorer-ResultsData Explorer lets you analyze, explore, and visualize your data in ways that are simply not possible with other tools. Casual users and power users alike appreciate having a powerful analytics tool with the simplicity of a drag-and-drop user interface.

Reports Library

When you need a defined report in a specific format, the reports library has you covered. The library contains more than 70 pre-built reports that meet the most common organizational and regulatory reporting requirements. The defined reports are used when you need an exact format for data submission to regulatory agencies, when you need deep insight to drive program improvement, and when you need to demonstrate how funding sources directly contributed to client outcomes.

The reports library lets you access richly formatted reports that cover a wide variety of organizational and program needs in the following areas:

  • Client Case Management Reports
  • Client Intake Reports
  • Program Reports
  • Service Assessment Reports
  • Provider Reports
  • Administrative Reports

Mandated reports for state and federal reporting are included by default in the reports library. What’s more – you never have to pay for updates as government requirements change. Reports are always updated and maintained to the latest regulatory standard.

Direct Query

For advanced users, the ClientTrack Query Designer provides admin-level access to directly query data within the ClientTrack database. Designed for enterprise-level users with an advanced understanding of SQL and relational databases, the Query Designer is a powerful way to access data for mass data extraction,  to merge with other data sources, or to meet specific organizational requirements. Authorized users can select data, identify advanced join parameters, perform SQL calculations and expressions, sort return results, utilize parameters and apply simple or complex filters.

Data extracted using the Query Designer can be used within ClientTrack as a data source for dashboards, graphs, and formatted reports or combined with information from other data systems to create a holistic picture of program and operational performance.

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  • “Anytime we have a new program I want to put it in ClientTrack because it makes it so much easier to track. My goal is to have other organizations in the community join the ClientTrack platform so we can improve collaboration. ”

  • "When we have to adapt our reports and other deliverables, we go into ClientTrack case management and track new data as they come in. To pull that data out immediately, both for funders and for program enhancement, is essential to the mission of our organization."

  • "My favorite thing about ClientTrack is the fact that it's very user friendly. And I love the reporting modules. Data Explorer provides me the opportunity to create any single report that I can possibly imagine."

  • "We track everything. We also measure outcomes. We use the child and adolescent functional assessment scale tools to measure functioning at admission and discharge from a program to see overall improvements in behavioral health needs. At any given moment, I can access ClientTrack to run a report to see how we’re doing."

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