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With the ClientTrack Data Explorer Tool and the in-browser ClientTrack Query Designer, you can quickly build custom reports to assess client outcomes, evaluate program effectiveness, and showcase results with stunning charts and graphs.Data-Explorer-Results

ClientTrack software improves data quality through efficient data import and export that also reduces duplicated participant counts. Building on the outputs of the Query Designer, Data Explorer uses pre-defined data domains as the building blocks for ad hoc user queries.

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ClientTrack Data Explorer domains provide users with data that can be used in Data Explorer. The setup of these domains will make data available for queries. Any data in a domain can be utilized in the results or used for filtering.

Users can choose which data they want to analyze by simply clicking a few buttons; it already knows how these domains relate to each other to ensure that users will not make a mistake. By dragging and dropping, users can analyze millions of different combinations of data. These queries or reports can be saved and shared in a number of ways by users across the system.

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