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ClientTrack Form Designer enables Implementation Managers to create new forms or make configuration changes to existing forms. Administrators have complete control over all elements and element properties, including: field placement and type, labels, defaults, required status, display format, and list options. Additionally, the form designer includes unprecedented access to ClientTrack data design.

Administrators can review existing table structures, create unlimited custom columns, and create entirely new tables. Form Designer creates and manages: standard data entry forms (entering or updating single records), multi-edit forms (adding or editing multiple records at once), search forms (displaying data for review), and report launch forms (providing prompts for report parameters).

In addition to standard form elements such as dropdown lists, radio button lists, multi-select, text box, rich text box, search, and date fields, the Form Designer includes robust capabilities to design form interaction controls that provide a rich user experience. For example, implementation managers can utilize a “Render HTML” plug-in to dynamically create any HTML element interaction design, including graphical sliders, interactive pictures, and other user friendly elements. Thus, Implementation Managers are not limited to a specific set of control elements or display capabilities. Additionally, the ClientTrack Form Designer:

  • Incorporates visual and interactive charts to provide users with a visual representation of the data on the form or from any other data source
  • Gives end-users—through multi-edit forms—the capability to quickly and intuitively add multiple records at once
  • Allows Implementation Managers—through Element Search—to quickly search for specific elements on a form. By default, the search will highlight any elements with a matching input, output, or label. The element search occurs immediately as you type
  • Searches or sets any field, merges data, runs reports on caseload—ClientTrack’s Form Designer allows case managers to run reports on current caseload, merge client records as needed, and search client data on various fields

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