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Client Intake Workflow on Mobile DeviceUsers simply access ClientTrack through the browser of their preferred mobile device to access the entire solution just as if they were working at their desktop computer. Optimized mobile access to ClientTrack helps users stand out in their communities and work when and where they need to work. The practical applications for mobile use of ClientTrack are endless.

  • Case workers can access ClientTrack and input case notes while working in the field
  • Facilities can use iPads or other mobile devices to expedite check in processes
  • Program managers can analyze critical data away from their desk

Frequent Updates

As new ClientTrack features are introduced, we are committed to providing features that can be accessed from both traditional web browsers and the latest mobile devices.

  • Generate multi-functional reports through our Data Explorer tool and integrated Query Builder powered by Microsoft® Report Builder technology
  • Coordinate multi-agency services to meet your client’s simultaneous needs. Optimize intakes, make assessments, and facilitate collaborations
  • Secure, reliable, and efficient, ClientTrack is committed to providing compliance-driven solutions and seamlessly updating your software as compliance regulations evolve



  • "The ClientTrack mobile application is genius. There isn't anything I can do on my desktop that I can't do on my iPad"

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