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Throughout ClientTrack’s case management software, there are multiple examples of simple data entry rules that ensure that quality data is collected and users experience streamlined data entry.  One such tool is ClientTrack Rule Designer.

Rule Designer is a comprehensive rules engine used by implementation managers to enforce business rules that support common processes. Simple examples of these business rules may include form validation rules where implementation managers can easily identify whether fields are required or visible based upon the value of other fields. ClientTrack Rule Designer enables you to:

  • Validate data against other data in the database
  • Determine whether entered data meets any predefined format (that is, ensuring that a given ID always includes some specified character at any specified position)
  • Dynamically default information
  • Change form interaction and capabilities based upon roles or other business rules
  • Set up comparison rules that can compare one or more simple or complex values
  • Draft simple JavaScript expressions to evaluate form data

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