Medicaid waivers are one vehicle that enables states to design and test new experimental, pilot, or demonstration projects that support healthier individuals, families, and communities. The goals of Medicaid waiver Medicaid programs include:

  • Expanding eligibility to individuals who are not otherwise eligible
  • Providing services not typically covered by Medicaid
  • Using innovative service delivery systems that improve care, increase efficiency, and reduce costs

The most popular waivers include:

The ClientTrack Care Coordination platform helps State Medicaid programs organizations transform their care delivery with a whole-person care tracking, monitoring, and reporting system. The platform includes advanced case management, an engagement portal (beneficiary/patient, providers, community care giver) portal, ad-hoc and pre-built reports, and data management tools. ClientTrack is highly flexible in its data structure, configurable for a wide variety of system needs, and accessible through an open API for data exchange with medical and behavioral health EHRs. ClientTrack enables providers to:

  • Place the patient squarely at the center of the health record across multiple providers, treatment programs, and locations of care
  • Maintain HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2 Compliance — Built-in security controls with multiple levels of access protect patient data even among providers and care teams within the same organization
  • Share patient data – HL7/FHIR-compliant data exchange for interoperability with other partners, labs, providers, and health systems

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