An elderly female listening to her doctor giving her some test results.

Care Tailored to Patient Needs

ClientTrack case management for long-term care helps providers deliver quality care uniquely tailored to individual patient needs — even across care networks and during care provider transitions. Whether a case manager is supervising care in a home health setting, assisted living, or a nursing home facility, ClientTrack’s flexible case management system ensures the right amount of care and the right type of care is provided to the right patient at the right time.

Comprehensive Case Management for Coordinating Patient Care

Managed LTSS programs must treat the complete patient condition, including aspects of mental health, physical health, chronic conditions, patient mobility, and family support systems. ClientTrack delivers the comprehensive case management solution that helps providers address multiple aspects of patient health and well-being.

ClientTrack gives you a full suite of superior case management tools for long-term care:

  • Coordinate care among multiple providers – ClientTrack’s patient-centric case management puts the patient squarely at the center of the health record across multiple providers, treatment programs, and locations of care
  • Individual goals, outcomes, and progress reporting – ClientTrack gives you the flexibility to personalize a unique treatment plan for each patient or to assign standardized care plans as needs require
  • Medication tracking module – Record and track all patient prescriptions and dosage amounts
  • Data Explorer and Reporting –Data Explorer is a drag-and-drop query-builder that gives you instantaneous answers to pressing questions. ClientTrack’s reporting module provides formatted reports and graphs that give deep insight into performance
  • Scheduling and calendaring – Schedule patient appointments, repeat visits, and manage provider calendars from an easy-to-use practice calendar
  • Rooming management – Create a floor plan model with key information tied to each room or suite within the facility
  • HIPAA Compliance – Built-in security controls keep patient data private with multiple levels of access control even among providers and care teams within the same care organization

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