Once selected for resettlement, refugees still face the daunting task of starting their lives over and becoming self-sufficient. Though the process varies between countries, most countries that accept refugees for resettlement maintain a formal program to help refugees acclimate to their new homes. In the United States, resources are available for recently resettled refugees that include cash assistance, housing assistance, cultural acclimatization programs, English as a second language classes, job placement and training, and many more.

Case management is often one of the most critical resources available to resettle refugees. The task of navigating cultural, economic, and legal opportunities and expectations can quickly become unmanageable for a recent arrival. ClientTrack Case Management powers refugee resettlement programs that help refugees access the resources they need to build a self-sufficient life.


With ClientTrack Case Management, states, counties, and individual agencies are able to quickly enter client information, share data, measure impact, and provide referrals for services. The YMCA of Greater Houston uses ClientTrack for the statewide database to track refugee services in Texas.

Kimberly Haynes, Regional Replacement Designee for YMCA of Greater Houston, said “Developing a database within a 12-month period for the second largest resettlement state in the US was nothing less than daunting because it had to meet the needs of 15,000 clients in 9 programs across 23 agencies.” Haynes continued, “Eccovia Solutions worked diligently with YMCA Of Greater Houston to understand the unique work, discuss solutions, and manage data migration from two older systems.”