Emerging healthcare delivery models involve an array of providers in the community who work together to treat all aspects of an individual’s health. Instead of operating under the traditional fee-for-service model, providers are held accountable for achieving the triple aim of healthcare: improved care, improved outcomes, and reduced costs. In order to achieve the triple aim, providers need a whole person view of individuals that includes primary care, behavioral health, and health-related social needs.

The ClientTrack Community Care Coordination platform is natively designed for today’s collaborative model of care. ClientTrack places critical information in the hands of all care providers through a shared platform that combines elements of case management and healthcare delivery. ClientTrack helps community and government organizations track, manage, and report on care for high-need individuals. Information across the full spectrum of the social determinants of health is collected and tracked, leading to better-informed care decisions. The ClientTrack patient and provider engagement portal enables clients to report progress updates through the portal with providers and care coordinators who are reviewing the updates and collaborating on next steps.

ClientTrack is ideal for cross-discipline programs, such as homeless services (HMIS), healthcare for the homeless, and Medicaid Waiver whole person care programs that combine aspects of housing, primary medical care, behavioral health, and case management. ClientTrack is highly flexible and enables providers to create their own unique forms, workflows, and data collection requirements based on the needs of their programs.

ClientTrack uses industry-standard interoperability protocols such as HL7 and FHIR to facilitate data sharing across providers. All information is encrypted and protected with multiple levels of data security to ensure compliance with the data protection and confidentiality standards of HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2. Shared assessments, intake and enrollment, care plans, and progress notes are accessible at any point of care so providers are fully informed of all aspects of the patient condition.

Case Management Suite

ClientTrack Case Management provides the tools required to manage patient care with multiple agencies across the care continuum. It’s easy workflow and customizable tools simplify tasks and enable case workers and care coordinators identify clients in need of care, assess their needs, develop a customized care plan, and monitor results and outcomes.

ClientTrack Toolset

While ClientTrack solutions include a rich feature-set already designed for most health and human service organizations, in order for organizations to maximize success, it is critical to take into account the unique operation, funding sources, program logic models, and reporting needs of each organization. The ClientTrack Data Management Tools enable organizations with trained technical users to modify the application interface to meet their specific needs, including creating/managing data collection forms, data elements, data structures, business rules, and workflows.

Product Architecture

The technological infrastructure that underpins ClientTrack is as impressive as the software itself. We’ve worked hard to create a technology platform that meets the toughest requirements of today’s high-demand workplaces. Though often operating behind the scenes, these key technologies are vital to delivering the ClientTrack experience

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