Our flagship solution, ClientTrack Case Management, is used by more than a thousand clients daily who serve a broad variety of community needs. From large government Medicaid programs to homeless case management to collaborative healthcare programs, ClientTrack technology helps organizations more efficiently deliver desired outcomes to more clients.

Case Management Suite

At Eccovia Solutions, we understand your needs, and have developed our comprehensive ClientTrack Case Management Suite with a flexible and specialized platform that can manage the complex requirements of today, as well as...

Product Architecture

The technological infrastructure that underpins ClientTrack case management is as impressive as the software itself. We’ve worked hard to create a technology platform that meets the toughest requirements of today’s high-demand workplaces.

Mobile Integration

ClientTrack engineers work tirelessly to keep our platform “ahead of the curve” in terms of mobile accessibility. Unlike some technologies that offer a watered down “app” that users must download on their...


Eccovia Solutions serves a broad variety of clients from government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and for-profit companies.


Learn more about ClientTrack case management through fact sheets, case studies, videos, webinars, and white papers.

Continual Education Services

Through the Continual Education Services (CES) program, you can take online courses for the ClientTrack implementation management tools.


We strive to “delight” our clients through responsive issue resolution, collaborative problem solving, continued engagement, and ongoing feedback.