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Intake and Assessment

Intake and assessment is one of the most critical aspects of the case management process. Clients may be in a vulnerable or distressed state with urgent needs. ClientTrack helps caseworkers and care coordinators enter data accurately and completely. Easy-to-understand workflows help ensure that no critical information is overlooked which could impact the program eligibility review. This is especially important when a rotating staff of volunteers is responsible for collecting intake data.

Care Planning

After intake and assessment, case managers and care coordinators work with clients to create a plan that addresses critical medical, behavioral, and social needs. Whether you follow standardized care plans or need customized plans unique to each client, ClientTrack meets your needs with comprehensive case notes and automatic program eligibility queries to help staff quickly locate the best available resources for their client.

Case Notes

Case notes in ClientTrack can take a variety of different formats and incorporate information spanning multiple areas – medical history, employment, education, financial, family history, housing situation, etc. Case managers and care coordinators use this information to create customized care plans, identify barriers, and match clients to resources – both internal and external – to resolve issues. Case notes have tight security protocols to protect sensitive information. Users can be restricted from viewing the entire note or allowed access only to specific portions of the case note. Tight security controls maintain client confidentiality while providing users access to required information as needed.

ClientTrack also interfaces with other data systems, such as medical EHR systems, and can incorporate information from these systems to create a whole-person care plan.

Mobile Access

ClientTrack is a cloud-based application that is natively mobile across browser and device types. The full application features are available on mobile devices, not a scaled-back version, so case workers can view data, enter new data, or correct data from field locations. Reporting is also available on mobile devices, making it easy to quickly run a report in a meeting or query data during outreach to get up-to-the-minute answers to pressing questions. Native mobile access helps case workers be fully effective at any location without having to rely on information “back at the office.”

Care Plan Implementation

Putting the care plan into action requires close collaboration between the client, care coordinator, and internal and external service providers. With native-mobile access, an online portal, and transparency across programs, ClientTrack makes it easy for case managers and care coordinators to collaborate with providers and track client progress. Supervisors also have the ability to review case information, monitor progress, and assign cases to other staff as needed.

Online Portal

The ClientTrack online portal is a useful tool that can be configured in a variety of ways to serve your data collection and distribution needs from collecting information from clients and outside providers to document delivery and sharing results. The online portal can be an effective tool for cross-departmental collaboration, allowing clients to report progress updates through the portal with case managers and providers across multiple departments who are reviewing the updates and collaborating on next steps.

Monitoring and Review

As the client progresses through the case plan, the case manager or care coordinator easily monitors progress and reviews outcomes. ClientTrack keeps them informed every step of the way with dashboards and quick query tools. Case managers and care coordinators are never left wondering at the current status of clients in their caseload.


ClientTrack dashboards provide real, actionable information at a glance. Dashboards are configurable to fit the way you prefer to work and display only the information you wish to monitor regularly.

Data Explorer

With Data Explorer, case managers can use a drag-and-drop query builder to quickly answer pressing questions, create an instant query of existing clients, profile target populations, or report on specific programs. Data Explorer is a powerful data query tool that provides access to a wealth of information without requiring programming resources to create a structured report.

Closing the Case

Once active client oversight has ended, the information collected in ClientTrack becomes a valuable data source that drives program improvement, demonstrates achieved outcomes, and helps reduce overall costs. ClientTrack’s powerful reporting and analytics platform turns collected information into actionable data that drives improvement.


  • Georgia Department of Community Affairs

    We are on a tight deadline for getting our state HMIS up and running. The Eccovia Solutions team has been very helpful in setting the project up for success.

  • Los Angeles Department of Health Services - Whole Person Care

    ClientTrack provides the technology infrastructure for Whole Person Care-LA and enables our teams to connect the most vulnerable LA county residents to services. The idea is have a community-wide network of care with information that’s shared appropriately to help a patient.

  • Partnership for Successful Living

    Coordinating multiple agencies that are providing diverse services for low-income individuals is not only complex, but there are unique challenges for integrated care. The results seen thus far in the program reflect an immediate community-wide cost savings stemming from fewer emergency room visits, and, more importantly, a reduction in overdose-related fatalities. Without ClientTrack, the Partnership for Successful Living wouldn’t be able to provide the timely, coordinated care needed to assist those in need and influence change under the Safe Station program.

  • Room In The Inn

    The ClientTrack mobile application is genius. There isn't anything I can do on my desktop that I can't do on my iPad

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