Health and human services is shifting from episodic care to preventative care in order to address all aspects of a patient’s needs. This is especially true for providers in health neighborhoods, ACOs, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), or other community coalitions that bring together primary care, social supports, and behavioral health.

Behavioral health is distinguished by the complexity of patient needs. Many individuals who struggle with behavioral health issues also have co-occurring chronic illness or substance use disorder. Frequently they receive fragmented care from multiple providers at various locations. In order to resolve these concerns and achieve whole-person care, providers need a way to share patient information and make data-driven decisions. This is where a flexible care coordination platform comes in.


ClientTrack helps providers accomplish the goals of improved care, better health outcomes, and reduced overall cost. Our highly flexible care coordination platform enables timely and appropriate access to care for members of a community health neighborhood. ClientTrack includes advanced case management, business process and workflow automation, engagement portals, ad-hoc and pre-built reports, and data management tools. The system can be configured to custom program needs with unique reporting, data collection, and eligibility requirements.


The ClientTrack patient portal enables patients to be more engaged with their own care and communicate with their care team. The patient portal provides:

  • The ability to coordinate care among multiple agencies — ClientTrack’s patient-centric case management puts the patient squarely at the center of the health record across multiple providers, treatment programs, and locations of care
  • Medication tracking module — Records and tracks all patient prescriptions and dosage amounts
  • HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2 Compliance — Built-in security controls with multiple levels of access protecst patient data even among providers and care teams within the same organization
  • HL7 FHIR-compliant data exchange for interoperability with other partners, labs, providers, and health systems

When appropriate, a guardian, family member, or other authorized stakeholder can access the patient’s information through a patient portal.


ClientTrack includes three different types of reporting—formatted reports built with Microsoft Report Builder, ad-hoc reports created with our integrated Data Explorer query tool, and SQL query access through our Query Designer for enterprise-level users who need direct database access. Data Explorer gives you instant access to your data through an easy-to-use query builder. Simply identify the information you want by dragging data elements into your query to generate an instant report with the insight you need.

The library of pre-built reports provides formatted reports that cover a wide variety of state and federal reporting requirements, outcomes reporting, financial reporting, and other key metrics to gauge the effectiveness of housing for health programs.

Designed for enterprise-level users with an advanced understanding of SQL and relational databases, the Query Designer is a powerful way to access data for mass data extraction, to merge with other data sources, or to meet specific organizational requirements.

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