The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) is encouraging states to move child welfare case management from legacy SACWIS systems to newer, more modern CCWIS systems. CCWIS is a new paradigm of modular, interconnected systems that take advantage of best-in-class software for each aspect of child welfare case management.

ClientTrack is the case management system of choice for more than 1,200 government and private agencies. With its native cloud architecture, open API, and flexible database platform, ClientTrack is the embodiment of the nextgeneration system design envisioned for modern CCWIS systems.

Our deep expertise in case management and the social determinants of health makes ClientTrack uniquely flexible and ideally suited for the case management hub that connects disparate systems in the CCWIS data environment.

ClientTrack helps case workers monitor:

  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Chronic Health
  • Family/Guardian situations
  • Education/Skills goals and outcomes
  • Social/Physical goals and outcomes
  • Social determinants of health (housing, food security, family support, etc.)

Flexible Case Management

At its core, ClientTrack is a highly configurable case management system. Use ClientTrack to configure your own information screens, assessment tools, workflows, referrals, and program metrics. The system is flexible enough to fit your unique needs and criteria rather than forcing you into a pre-programmed workflow. ClientTrack helps improve case work by making the system more efficient and custom-tailored to your program needs. Case workers love ClientTrack’s ease of use, customizable assessments, and configurable workflows.

  • Child and family-centric case management — The case management system puts the child and family at the center of all activity with clearly defined child, sibling, parent, and guardian relationships
  • Pre-defined case management tools and workflows — Choose from a library of the most commonly used standardized assessment tools or create your own customized assessments
  • Easy-to-navigate screens and workflows that simplify data collection and case management for child welfare
  • Individual goals, outcomes, and progress reporting — ClientTrack gives you the flexibility to customize a unique case plan for each child or to assign standardized plans as needs require
  • Scheduling and calendaring — Schedule appointments, recurring visits, and manage caseworker schedules from an easy-to-use calendar system helps ensure compliance with care protocols, medication, incident reporting, and other critical aspects of care.

Reporting and Analytics

Accurate reporting is the lifeblood of case management. ClientTrack gives you two powerful ways to access your data: through Data Explorer, an ad hoc data query tool, and through a library of defined reports. Data Explorer gives you instant access to your data through an easy-touse query builder. Simply identify the information you want by dragging data elements into your query to generate an instant report with the insight you need. The library of prebuilt reports provides formatted reports that fit state and federal reporting requirements.

System Interoperability

The CCWIS guidelines emphasize data exchange and interoperability. ClientTrack is designed from the ground up as a native cloud application with an open API for data exchange. ClientTrack is also compliant with health data exchange standards, supporting HL7 version 2.x or above. Custom interfaces can also be designed for external systems.

  • Online portal — Secure online portal simplifies data collection and reporting from outside constituencies
  • HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2 Compliance — Built-in security controls with multiple levels of access protect patient data even among caseworkers within the same department
  • Interoperability — ClientTrack has an open API for data exchange and is compliant with HL7 version 2.x or above

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