ClientTrack case management software helps workforce service organizations meet the needs of employers, job-seekers, and entire communities. With education, training, referral, and community resources all in one place, ClientTrack makes your program more effective.

Case managers play a vital role in the workforce delivery system. Each caseworker is an expert guide, helping clients to navigate an often-confusing environment. In addition to employment needs, clients may be dealing with multiple issues concurrently, such as critical food, housing, or medical concerns.

ClientTrack case management for workforce services gives case managers the tools they  need to help clients locate and obtain the right resources. ClientTrack assists case managers at every step of the process, including intake and assessment, barrier identification, development of an employment plan, referral to community resources, and placing the client in stable employment.

Intake and Assessment 

Intake forms in ClientTrack can be easily configured for optimal workflow. Only data fields that are necessary to be collected will display for data input. Fields can be marked as required or optional. Forms can also be designed as smart forms, with input fields displaying or not depending on previous answers to questions. Smart intake forms reduce the amount of time caseworkers spend with data entry, leaving more time available for providing direct aid.

ClientTrack includes a number of common assessment tools and offers the ability to custom-design assessments. Case managers use ClientTrack to conduct and record assessments for employment skills, education, specialized training, language skills, income, and other criteria. These assessments then drive identification of barriers and development of a personal employment plan.

ClientTrack is a native mobile environment, which means that the full system functionality is available on a smartphone or mobile tablet. Case workers can input new data, review prior assessments, access referral information, and record a follow-up visit from virtually any location.

Eligibility Checking 

ClientTrack’s robust eligibility engine quickly matches client needs with available programs for which they are eligible. After a quick needs assessment, a caseworker can readily see programs the client qualifies for based on the assessment results. The eligibility matching helps locate programs and services to address the full scope of a client’s needs, including employment, food, housing, transportation, or medical issues.

Services Delivered Matched to Funding Sources

ClientTrack automatically matches programs with funding sources so that all services delivered are linked back to the funding source. This greatly simplifies the reporting process for determining the resources delivered, the people impacted, and the funding sources used. ClientTrack’s strong reporting capability validates program success with supporting data to ensure program continuity.

Key Features of ClientTrack for Workforce Services 

  • Library of commonly-used assessment tools — Choose from a library of the most commonly used assessment tools or create your own customized assessments
  • Individual goals, outcomes, and progress reporting — ClientTrack gives you the flexibility to customize a unique employment plan for each client
  • Goals and outcomes tracking — Track client progress toward goals and desired outcomes using historical data recorded at multiple time points
  • Integrated Mobile Technology — Easily gather inputs and access critical information from any location using a smartphone, iPad, or other web-enabled mobile device.
  • Reporting and Analytics — ClientTrack’s reporting module provides a full library of pre-formatted reports and a drag-and-drop data analysis tool for quick data discovery
  • Standard reports for Workforce Services include reports for the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and Wagner-Payser Act

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