Chronic disease case management is a specialized mix of medical care, mental health, and support services that address the social determinants of health. HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s, or other chronic diseases bring unique challenges to case management. Clients require long-term medical case management but may also need a variety of other services such as education and training, mental health counseling, substance abuse assistance, housing needs, employment, or legal advice. Case management for chronic disease care demands a system that is flexible enough to adapt to multiple program requirements.

ClientTrack helps caseworkers manage clients with multiple needs that span across different programs, each with its own eligibility rules and funding sources. Complexity becomes simplified as all activities are directly linked to programs and funding sources, which makes reporting simple yet powerful. Services provided to clients are matched all the way through to outcomes achieved, which simplifies the reporting process for HOPWA or Ryan White grants.

With a heritage in both social services and healthcare, our case management system bridges the gap between healthcare and human services for HIV/AIDS and other chronic disease programs. ClientTrack helps case managers navigate programs, providers and referrals for mental health, medical health, substance abuse treatment, chronic disease management, and preventative care.

Flexible Case Management

At its core, ClientTrack is a highly configurable client case management system. Use ClientTrack to configure your own client information screens, assessment tools, workflows, and program metrics. The system is flexible enough to fit your unique needs and criteria rather than forcing you into a pre-programmed workflow. ClientTrack improves coordination of care among multiple providers and locations of care. The case management system helps caseworkers proactively manage care protocols, medication, social services, housing, legal assistance, and other needs of the HIV/AIDS population.


ClientTrack enables providers to document healthcare visits, medical notes, medications prescribed, and care plans. Care coordinators can follow-up with the client for medical appointments and exams, helping to ensure compliance with prescribed medical treatment. ClientTrack is natively mobile so caseworkers and providers have the flexibility to use tablets or mobile phones to document notes or look up patient records from any location. The online portal makes documents and reporting available to outside constituencies in a secure but easily accessible location.

  • Coordinate care among multiple providers — ClientTrack puts the patient squarely at the center of the health record across multiple providers, treatment programs, and locations of care
  • Medication tracking module — Record and track all patient prescriptions and dosage amounts
  • HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2 Compliance — Built-in security controls with multiple levels of access protect patient data even among providers and care teams within the same organization
  • HL7-compliant data exchange for interoperability with other partners, labs, providers, and health systems

Reporting and Analytics

Powerful reporting and analysis tools let you drill down and analyze specific subpopulations for refined outcomes reporting. ClientTrack gives you two ways to access your data: through Data Explorer, an ad hoc data query tool, and through a library of defined reports. Data Explorer gives you instant access to your data through an easy-to-use query builder. Simply identify the information you want by dragging data elements into your query to generate an instant report with the insight you need. The library of pre-built reports provides formatted reports that cover a wide variety of outcomes reporting, trending, and key metrics for your programs. The ClientTrack reports library includes Ryan White and HOPWA compliant reports in the required formats.

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