On April 5, 2017 Samantha Cassista, Quality Improvement Specialist at Partnership for Successful Living in Nashua presented in a one-hour webinar discussing their innovative Safe Station program. Partnership for Successful Living is a collaboration of six agencies who work together to coordinate care for vulnerable individuals, including residential, primary, behavioral care, and support services. In 2016, Partnership for Successful Living worked closely with the mayor of Nashua and the local fire stations to establish the Safe Station program to help individuals seeking assistance with addiction recovery (substance use disorder).

In the Safe Station program, anyone seeking treatment or recovery from addiction to opioids or other substances may visit a city fire station at any time for help. Once at the station, instead of contacting law enforcement, a trained firefighter will immediately connect the individual with a representative from Partnership for Successful Living.

In this interactive webinar, Samantha discussed her experience establishing a care coordination framework that:

  • Brings together local government, the fire department, health, and social service providers to help individuals suffering from substance use disorder
  • Reduces fatal overdoses in the community
  • Uses data to provide the right services at the right time for these individuals
  • Reduces overall costs to the community by reducing the costs of imprisonment and emergency room visits

She also provided a brief demonstration of the Care Coordination workflow; from the time an individual sets foot in a fire station until they have a unique care plan created for them.

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