The Kentucky Office for Refugees (KOR) was established in June 2006 as a department of Catholic Charities of Louisville, Inc. KOR oversees the administration of a wide variety of essential services for refugees for the entire state of Kentucky, including employment help, case management, English language learning, health screenings, and temporary financial assistance.

The staff at KOR understand the life-changing role they play in welcoming refugees, helping them find a safe place to resettle, and providing case management to track services and help them get on with their lives. Before KOR implemented ClientTrack as their statewide database, all their services were documented on paper; a full-time data entry associate would manually enter everything into two different databases to comply with federal reporting requirements. As vital resources were being committed to this antiquated, time-consuming system, KOR was limited in the range and scope of services they could provide. Eccovia Solutions worked closely with KOR to design a tailored case management solution that could administer over ten sub-recipient agencies across the state and meet federal reporting requirements.

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