Today’s challenge for Healthcare systems, insurance carriers, and providers is to better manage costs while improving outcomes for high-cost patients.

This is especially difficult when working with hard-to-reach populations, such as individuals who experience a combination of homelessness and other health-related needs such as mental illness or chronic disease. Providers struggle to address these concerns because they lack the patient data necessary to provide a 360° view of individual patients’ needs.

Medical, behavioral health, and social support providers are joining forces to build coordinated systems of care to serve high-risk populations. A big challenge for systems of care is a lack of data sharing and real-time communication among providers. The 21st Century Cures Act focuses on establishing an interoperable health system that empowers individuals to use their Electronic Health Information to the fullest extent and enables providers and communities to deliver smarter, safer, and more efficient care.

What organizations really need is a Comprehensive Care Plan.

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