Central Ohio is rich with healthcare services; however, these can be disconnected, limit access, lack coordination and capacity, and may not be affordable for the state’s high-risk, hard-to-reach populations. As a result, 25 years ago, the Columbus Medical Association (CMA) established Physicians CareConnection (PCC) to enable healthcare professionals and volunteers to provide quality healthcare for those most vulnerable in their communities.

PCC began as a free clinic to provide medically indigent individuals of Columbus with increased ongoing access to healthcare services and primary care providers. The CMA expanded its efforts following the establishment of the free clinic to address the barriers to healthcare for uninsured persons in Central Ohio. “Improving the coordination of prenatal care in the community was challenging, but necessary,” said Isi Ikharebha Green, Executive Director for Physician’s CareConnection. “The ClientTrack platform helped us create an ongoing solution for tracking, assessing and improving healthcare accessibility for pregnant women across Central Ohio.”

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