Since 1986, Nashville’s Room In The Inn has united the community to provide emergency and long-term support for those struggling with homelessness. Room In The Inn offers emergency services, transitional programs, and long-term solutions to help people rebuild their lives. In addition, they coordinate with more than 195 congregations in Nashville during the winter months to provide emergency shelter in a smaller setting to homeless individuals. Additional supportive programs include:

  • A day activity center
  • Educational classes
  • A monthly free legal clinic
  • Free meal program
  • Workforce development
  • Mail services
  • Case management
  • Residential recovery programs

Staff at Room In The Inn must wear multiple hats in their efforts to serve their clients. They are constantly meeting with clients and don’t have time to sit down at their computers to enter client data. In the past, staff would quickly scribble notes on pieces of paper with the intention of entering the information at a later time. By the time staff got back to their desks they frequently had already forgotten what the notes were about. That all changed with ClientTrack™ Mobile Case Management.

ClientTrack Case Management runs natively as a fully functioning software in all mobile browsers. Quiana Jimerson, Education and Workforce Development Manager at Room In The Inn, said “ClientTrack is our first attempt to roll all of our programs into one. Having one piece of software is wonderful.” The staff at Room In The Inn can simply access ClientTrack Case Management through their mobile device to help manage many different moving pieces, including entering case notes on the fly as they speak with clients and viewing the Client Dashboard to see important demographics, recent services, enrollments, and any incidents.

Workforce Development

ClientTrack Mobile is critical for Room In The Inn’s workforce development program. For example, a client intake for workforce development requires a lengthy list of questions in order to qualify for referral programs and is traditionally very cumbersome. With ClientTrack Mobile Case Management, staff can quickly document all client information and then provide job referrals or recommend educational classes right then.

The other side of workforce development is creating partnerships with employers. As part of the program development, Quiana must meet with these employers in order to set up the referral programs. Quiana said “When I meet with the employers I can pull up the employment intake on my iPad and enter the information right then and there. It is very efficient.”

Reporting and Analytics

ClientTrack Mobile gives Room In The Inn quick access to their data through Data Explorer™, an ad hoc, easy-to-use query builder tool. Staff simply identify the information they want by dragging data elements into the query to generate an instant report. Support Coordinator Kelly Muldoon said “I was able to pull up Data Explorer and Query Designer on my iPad during a meeting and it gave me everything I was looking for right then.”

The Client Dashboard is another critical mobile reporting tool that provides an at-a-glance view of important client information.

Long-Term Growth

Room In The Inn Nashville is a growing organization with plans for expanding its programs to serve individuals experiencing homelessness in their community. Eccovia Solutions™ is proud to partner with them as they make an even bigger difference in the lives of those in their community in Nashville.

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