“Without Social Determinant Data, It’s All Guesswork.” Featured presenters Ed Daniels from First Response Management LLC Consulting, and Jim Calanni, Principle Program Manager for Eccovia Solutions, previously worked together to build out a powerful care coordination and data sharing infrastructure at Community Health Partnership (CHP), a member-based coalition that managed care for over 180,000 Medicaid beneficiaries in Colorado. Their combined experience provides invaluable insight into how to achieve better outcomes at lower cost with high-risk populations, how to transition from static organizations into learning organizations, and much more.

In this webinar Ed and Jim will discuss how social determinant data and advanced analytics are the missing pieces to continuously refine the health journey for high-risk populations. This webinar will also highlight how we can use data and analytics to help us to discover patterns in patients’ health, which information is critical as we form strategies for allocating our resources and focusing them on the right people.

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