People are frequently uncomfortable with change, leading them to resist and oppose it. Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • Your organization has not have updated software in the past 5 years and your team is anxious about the process.
  • Staff is concerned about how new software will change how they work with clients and interact as a team.
  • Important volunteers are computer novices and reluctant to give up old ways.
  • Your entire organization is ready to implement new technology except for one staunch hold out who is afraid of change.

These situations can be big road blocks when implementing new technology in your organization. Industry wide, many software implementations failures are a direct result of staff not accepting the new solution. But what can you do to smoothly guide people through a big technology change and create lasting success?  

Change management is the process, tools, and techniques to manage the people-side of technology implementations in order to achieve the desired outcome. Change Management helps you overcome organizational hurdles and guides staff through the personal transitions that come with a change in technology. Some of the requirements for successful Change Management include:

  • Effective leadership and management skills that engage staff in the process
  • Leadership that develops motivation and support  
  • Management that provides the structure for successfully completing the process


To achieve the benefits of efficiency, collaboration, compliance, and outcomes, staff must actively use Eccovia Solution’s ClientTrack system. We understand the leadership and management challenges organizations face during software transitions. Eccovia Solutions follows best practices for change management to alleviate the fears and stress, involve staff in the process, and guide your team through a successful software implementation.

Change management is an investment in your staff to realize the value of Eccovia Solution’s ClientTrack softwareWe’ve partnered with our clients to work through change related issues many times, including:

  • Assisting leaders to communicate to gain buy in and support
  • Easing the resistance to new client processes by preparing subject matter experts to engage in analysis
  • Encouraging our clients to celebrate small wins during the implementation, such as  an efficient client intake workflow
  • Involving staff in preparing for training  and “going live”


Eccovia Solutions offers three Change Management levels to fit your situation: Self-directing, Coaching, and

Level 1: Self-Directing

The Change Initiatives Manager will partner with staff at your organization to effectively use our unique change management toolkit. The toolkit provides both change leadership and management guidance, as well as references and activities that will help prepare your team:

  • Develop organizational approaches to change
  • Assess potential on organization culture and process
  • Ensure organizational readiness
  • Communicate the vision for the change
  • Understand personal styles for responding to change and how to work with them
  • Reducing resistance
  • Create Change Management phases and activities

The Change Initiatives Manager will schedule virtual discussions and follow up with your team during the implementation to ensure success. After implementation, the toolkit will become a  useful reference for your team for future changes within the organization.

Level 2: Coaching

Coaching is an active learning approach.   The Change Initiatives Manager will guide an individual member of your team to apply the leadership and management skills discussed in the toolkit.   Our methods follow coaching industry best practices to highly engage staff in learning through active listening, brainstorming, goal setting and evaluating success.

  • Coaching to build a coalition of support and address specific resistors to the change
  • Coaching to focus on managing change phases to assess, plan, prepare, implement, and sustain the change
  • Coaching discussions will occur virtually approximately every 2 weeks during implementation
  • The use of the ClientTrack Change Management toolkit as an ongoing reference for your team

Level 3: Consulting

Change Management Consulting provides your organization with an assigned Change Initiatives Manager to walk with you through each step of the implementation process. Level 3 includes:

  • Onsite consultation with your team to assess and prepare for implementation
  • Strategies for building staff support and addressing resistance will be developed
  • Custom plans for implementing ClientTrack software in your organization
  • Weekly discussions with the Change Initiatives Manager to track progress
  • Onsite consultation during software deployment to monitor and develop strategies for sustaining the technology adoption
  • Post implementation discussion with Change Initiatives Manager of successes and lessons learned
  • The use of the ClientTrack Change Management toolkit as an ongoing reference for your team

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