Eccovia Solutions empowers our clients with the knowledge they need to make modifications to their own solutions. Through the Continual Education Services (CES) program, your staff members can take online courses that will instruct them on the proper use and capabilities of the ClientTrack software implementation management tools. These tools empower your organization to continually enhance and modify your solution to meet your evolving needs.

CES includes:

  • Access to an library of learning content that is targeted, on-demand, and succinct, along with related documentation
  • A video library of each online course is designed with specific learning objectives and a set of video tutorials that can be viewed in one sitting, or as learners allocate time to view each video
  • CES live instructor office hours. These office hours are available to all CES subscribers to ask a certified implementation tool-set expert any question
  • A community forum wherein learners can collaborate, ask questions, or share ideas on innovative uses of the ClientTrack platform

Continual Education Services gives you the knowledge and tools you need to configure and update the software on your own.   

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