One of the greatest strengths of the ClientTrack platform is its high degree of flexibility and extensibility. The system is designed to grow with you as you add new staff, new programs, and new workflows. Our Advanced Technical Support team is eager to assist you with designing custom system enhancements that extend the ClientTrack capabilities to meet your new needs. Have a question you need answered? Our Advanced Technical Support team can help. Need to design a new system workflow or create new business rules to streamline data input? We can help with that, too. We want your ClientTrack system to be a perfect fit for your unique, individual needs.

Professional Services Orders

To get started, our Advanced Professional Services team will work closely with you to understand your needs. We will create a professional services order that specifies the work to be completed and an estimate of time and resources required to complete the enhancement. Once the work is authorized, our team of professional system engineers will begin to work on modifying your system environment according to the specifications on the professional services order. Once you are satisfied with the work, it will be rolled live to your production environment and you can begin using your newly improved system.

A professional services order helps maintain the value of your system investment. Having a system that grows and adapts as your organization grows and changes keeps the system fresh and updated to meet current needs. It also provides great peace of mind to know that your system can be improved as needed, when needed.

A professional services order is also often required to perform work for our community of Client-Authorized users. These users have completed advanced training on administering and supporting their ClientTrack environment. Achieving this level of knowledge is an impressive achievement. One result of this level of mastery is that the support issues encountered by our Client-Authorized users are frequently more complicated due to the increased access to system resources available to these users. In order to troubleshoot and correct system issues for Client-Authorized users who have made changes to their ClientTrack environment, our professional services team will create a professional services order with time and resource estimates required to resolve the issue.

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