1115 Whole-Person Care Waiver Programs

1115 Whole-Person Care Waiver Programs

Whole-person care is an emerging trend in healthcare that seeks to address the full scope of a patient’s needs jointly rather than isolating and treating individual medical concerns. Patients receiving whole-person care have a better experience of care, as their needs are jointly addressed without having to navigate multiple programs and systems on their own. Additionally, with providers informed and aware of multiple concurrent conditions, patients are more likely to receive a care plan more suited to their unique circumstances. Providers are more effective at delivering care and patients receive better health outcomes.

Whole Person Care Coordination involves Primary Care, Community-Based Organizations, and Behavioral Health

Whole-Person Care is a type of 1115 Medicaid waiver that holds the potential of delivering multiple, desirable benefits:

  • Improve health outcomes by addressing multiple conditions simultaneously
  • Improve the patient experience by eliminating healthcare silos which lead to redundancy and waste
  • Lower overall system cost
  • Reduce waste
  • Avoiding costlier, more intensive care settings, such as emergency or institutional care

The ClientTrack Care Coordination platform is highly flexible in data structure, configurable for a wide variety of system needs, and features an open API for data exchange with medical and behavioral health EHRs. With ClientTrack, care providers and caseworkers in your state have access to a comprehensive suite of care coordination tools designed to help make Medicaid waiver programs more effective and produce desired outcomes.

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