Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease Management

Organizations that serve clients with HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s, or other chronic diseases have unique case management needs. Clients need long-term healthcare case management but may also have a complex variety of other needs such as education and counseling, mental health issues, substance abuse, housing needs, employment, or legal concerns. A case management system must be flexible enough to adapt to multiple program demands and assist caseworkers in delivering the best care possible.

ClientTrack helps caseworkers manage clients with multiple needs that span across different programs, each with its own eligibility rules and funding sources. The complexity becomes simplified as efforts, achievements, and outcomes are directly linked to programs and funding sources, which makes reporting simple yet powerful. Services provided are matched all the way through to outcomes achieved.

From prevention counseling, to rapid testing services, to long-term care plans, ClientTrack offers the features needed for HIV/AIDS and chronic disease case management:

  • Insight view into subpopulations — Powerful reporting and analysis tools let you drill down and analyze specific subpopulations for refined outcomes reporting
  • Centralized intake and referral — ClientTrack enables centralized client intake with referral to other organizations or individual intake at program locations
  • Automatic error checking and data duplication checking – Ensures intake fields are filled out completely and correctly, which can be a concern with volunteer staff. Automatic queries ensure the same client is not entered multiple times, which impacts data quality.
  • Ryan White and HOPWA reporting – The ClientTrack reports library includes Ryan White and HOPWA compliant reports in the required formats
  • Medication tracking module – Record and track pertinent prescription and dosage information
  • Scheduling and calendaring – Schedule appointments, recurring visits, and manage caseworker schedules from an easy-to-use calendar
  • Data Explorer and reporting –Data Explorer is a drag-and-drop query-builder that gives you instantaneous answers to pressing questions. ClientTrack’s reporting module provides formatted reports and graphs that give deep insight into your practice performance
  • Medical billing and revenue cycle management – patient eligibility checking, CPT and ICD-10 code lookup, medical billing claims submission, 835 claims remit
  • Online portal – Secure online portal simplifies data collection and reporting from outside constituencies
  • HIPAA Compliance – Built-in security controls with multiple levels of access protect patient data even among caseworkers within the same department


Case Management Suite

Our comprehensive Case Management Suite is built for the unique needs of Health and Human Service organizations.

Mobile Integration

ClientTrack case management runs natively as a fully functioning software in all mobile browsers.

Data Explorer

Data Explorer is a powerful ad-hoc reporting and data analysis tool that enables you to answer any data question, review program activities, and measure outcomes.


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