Housing First/Housing for Health Case Management

Housing First/Housing for Health Case Management

Housing First and Housing for Health initiatives seek to place individuals and families in supportive housing as a means to an end. By solving housing issues first, individuals are in a better position to address medical health, substance abuse, behavioral health, employment, and a host of other life issues. Housing for Health programs combine housing assistance, case management, and healthcare treatment to achieve better results at reduced cost.

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For chronically homeless individuals, permanent supportive housing —rental housing paired with intensive case management services —has improved health outcomes and reduced utilization of health care and other systems. Unlike most shelter and other short-term housing efforts, supportive housing focuses on breaking long-term cycles of homelessness and addressing underlying physical and behavioral health issues.

(Integrating Housing Strategies with Health: An Opportunity to Advance Whole-Person Care in California, JSI Research and Training Institute, June 2015)

Housing for Health

Housing for Health programs offer the tantalizing possibility of improving population health at a lower overall cost to the system. The results of a Massachusetts program are impressive: The estimated total cost per person for services prior to entry in the housing program amounted to $33,190 per year. After one year in the program, the total per person costs for the same services fell to $8,603. With the cost of housing and additional services through the program amounting to $15,468 per tenant, the total net savings was $9,118 per person.

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The ClientTrack platform is the case management backbone that helps agencies realize the goal of improved care, enhanced collaboration, and reduced cost. Our highly flexible case management system adapts to the needs of a wide variety of housing first and housing for health programs. With a strong background in both homeless systems and healthcare delivery, ClientTrack is the ideal solution for a program that combines elements of housing and healthcare.

Case Management for Housing for Health programs

ClientTrack helps manage both sides of housing programs with a healthcare component. As a case management system that serves homeless shelters and Continuums of Care, ClientTrack contains all the features and functionality required to run a supportive housing program, including unit information, contracts, eligibility requirements, and rental payments. But with an integrated EHR, ClientTrack also helps caseworkers manage the medical records for individuals enrolled in the program. Case managers can track and monitor progress and outcomes for behavioral health, substance abuse, chronic disease, or acute care episodes within the client case record.

The ClientTrack platform includes:

  • Care notes – Care providers, social workers, and other authorized users can record vital details of the client encounter, including assessment results, goals, and client status
  • Care plan – Individualized, custom care plans tailored to the unique needs of each client. Care plans can encompass a wide range of needs including housing, medical health, behavioral health, employment, and medication.
  • Rapid eligibility – Quickly assess client eligibility for housing programs based on custom program criteria
  • Housing management – Manage all unit housing data in one central database, including unit size, amenities, location, requirements, availability, deposits and payments.
  • Provider referrals – Quickly locate provider resources for healthcare and social services programs
  • EHR – ClientTrack includes an integrated, Meaningful Use 2 certified EHR for recording all aspects of patient healthcare and service delivery
  • Reporting and analytics – Data Explorer is a powerful drag-and-drop query-builder that gives you instantaneous answers to pressing questions. ClientTrack’s reporting module provides formatted reports and graphs that give deep insight into performance and outcomes


Case Management Suite

Our comprehensive Case Management Suite is built for the unique needs of Health and Human Service organizations.

Mobile Integration

ClientTrack case management runs natively as a fully functioning software in all mobile browsers.


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